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Thinking outside of the box

Fabrics doesn’t make exquisite dresses, it is Property of Kyolaba through thinking outside of the box.

She started without being able to sew, over the months she has taught herself how to sketch, cut and sew. And today it has become her passion.

The most interesting part of it is that all ides are born when she is asleep .

The main idea of Property of Kyolaba is to always think out side of the box. To empower, inspire and motivate girls and women to be exactly who they want to be.

Property of Kyolaba had it’s first catwalk in Janauri this year in Växjö (Sweden) on Culture Day in the Art Hall, and it was a success.

The beautiful and unique twisted pieces did catch the attention of many and put POK in the spotlight.

Just yesterday 27/07 was the second catwalk at the African Cultural Festival in Malmö People’s Park which was even more eye catching.

The new pieces are incredibly done, the details are just orgasmic.

The models looked fantastic and they all rocked the stage. It was obvious they were feeling the positive and strong energy from the designer herself Harriet Kyolaba.

Feel free to follow and like the Facebook or instagram pages #propertyofkyolaba for more pictures of and videos. You can also get to see the full video of of the first catwalk.

Last but not least, this Friday, POK has it’s third catwalk at the HX festival in Helsingborg. Which is absolutely amazing.

In her own words

“With my clothes I want to inspire all women to dare to have color …. My clothes are NOT specifically African, but a combination of Africa and Europe. I’am inspired by both worlds”. – #propertyofkyolaba



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