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    Re-exploring Palma

    Some few years ago i partly lived in Mallorca for 2 years, and surprisingly enough i really never got to see the city of Palma as a whole i could come in for a quick shopping or so. Ofcourse i do know and seen alot of other places on the island.

    I’am back again in Mallorca ( work reasons) and living right in the beautiful city of palma, and guess what? I got to visit the cathedral for the very first time, i’am a bit ashamed actually to even say this. I mean how could i have ever missed that?

    Whatsover everyday i’am discovering something new, and everyday i’am falling more and more in love with this multicultured city of Palma. It is a indeed a very beautiful city, full of life and inspiration everywhere.

    The cathedral is magestic, it has a very strong and powerful energy, something that really humbles you and reminds you of how great the old kings were.


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    Lazy Thursday 

    *Yawn *Yawn* I bet we all have lazy days right? And  Today is one of those days where I just feel Soooo damn lazy! I have at least managed to make the bed. Been to the kitchen a couple of Times and just opened and closed the Fridge… Tooo lazy even to eat! Just laying in bed now and after writing this post, I Will try and finish Reading My interesting Book, ” THE 5 LOVE LANGUAGES” By Gary Chapman.

    It’s a Book that Will teach to express Love in your Spouse’s Language.

    We are Living in a generation where we tend to be so busy, long days of Work and so on, putting our Love live’s aside, forgetting to express and show it to our partners, the Compliments are Forgotten, the gifts- you name it. Below are the 5 Languages of Love according to Mr Chapman.






    What is your Love Language?

    ❤️ // Fridalicious

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    Late Lunch Early Dinner

    My lunch for today and ofcourse at one of my favourite places in Mallorca- The famous cappuccino Bar/ Café…The place serves some really Delicious meals and  cocktails. It’s one of the most visited cafés even in Low seasons… Not so strange  with the thought of its hospitality and the freshness of their Food it is a matter of fact that people always want to Go back.

    Cappuccino was Founded by Juan Picornell, A Spanish Man in Palma Nova, a small town in Marlloca, from just one small single café, he expanded to having eight of them just in marlloca and today cappuccino is running even in  IBIZA, MADRID,  MARBELLA, VALENCIA, BEIRUT and JEDDAH.

    My favourite meal is their signature ceaser sallad.. Though all the meals are just so Delicious. I Will stick to this well spiced thai red curry this “Winter”;) And the Champagne cocktail Will forever stay My arpetif;).