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    Coming to Sweden

    Hola Sweden

    Such an excitement to travel to Sweden today. The last time I was there was in mid March this year, which was Easter holiday. I really enjoyed my time with my son, family and friends.

    So let me take you through how my day begun. I woke up early to pack and make sure I leave my home in order, but first I had to feel and breath in the morning fresh air. I made a cup of tea and went out on my lovely balcony and sat there a good 15-20 minutes. It was amazing.

    After this morning meditation and tea enjoyment, I took a nice shower. Today I did not want to have any stress at all, my close friends and family know how I can sometimes be clumsy and I usually tend to do things in the last minute, but today is a different kind of day, I stood in front of the mirror and told myself “lady you better keep your shit together

    Today” there should not be anything like “I missed my flight” or stressing in the traffic because you called the taxi late.


    And guess what? It worked out. I have been on time, dropped in my luggage, went through security peacefully and even had time to enjoy a good breakfast.

    I ‘am flying with Lufthansa today and hey! I can say I’ am so pleased with their service and for being accurate. To my surprise, the passengers gets free beverages and snacks. It never happens to me when I am flying with other airlines within Europe

    The only negative thing about my trip today is the waiting hours I have in Frankfurt, 2hrs 30 mins. On the other hand, I always entertain myself so i’am sure i will come up with something.

    So this is what I had for you from my today’s diary. I look forward to what i find myself doing during my transit time in frankfurt! find out in the upcoming post.

    💋- allthingsfridalicious

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    Gold is luxury

  • Yes indeed it is. Some time back i mentioned that i was going to talk about why i find myself having a lot of black and gold clothes in my wardrobe.. well the answer is simple, it’s because gold is luxury.
  • Another reason is that gold and black are a good combination that you can freely wear in day time without feeling over dressed.
  • Isn’t this lovely? I can call this outfit “From the office to a dinner date” kind of dress. Here you can see how the golden details on this dress from https://m.zara.com/ gives it a feeling of luxury and a touch of sexiness.
  • Whoever said that anything glittery can only be worn in the evening/night had no clue what he or she was talking about. Let us please bury that rule and may it rest in peace. Fashion has no rules that’s all.The only time i know exactly what to wear is when i decide to wear black and gold, because then it just makes it easier with what kind of accessories i need to finish the look.

    So When in doubt of what to wear or where the day might take you, wear black and gold.

    -allthingsfridalicious 🥂


    https://www.versace.com/m/ https://


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