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    In the air

    July 1st- finally back in the air, but gosh the airports don’t feel the same anymore. I took my first flight after such a long time and flew to Sweden, I could not believe my eyes, the airport was completely empty and on the plane we were only 20 people, and this is a type of plane that can accommodate 180 people. It felt so awkward.

    I’am so happy to finally come home and see my family again. I was so worried that my flight could get canceled for the third time.

    More updates coming up, stay tuned in.

    With Love – Fridalicious

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    In order not to be replaced be unique

    img_6826.jpegWomen women women! today is a hot sit day on the blog,and my attention goes to the women.
    Most women tend to stress themselves by trying all means to impress their men, well it’s okey to impress our men, once in a while. It should not be a daily routine whatsoever.

    It’s a shame to those women who even go to bed with make-up on, their men have never seen them without the make-up, i mean come on..and there are also other women who wake up very early in the morning before their partner goes up,in order to make themselves look all sexy and extra beautiful, Who set up those rules? why not wake up together,put on your morning gown, enjoy breakfast together in your fluffy hair style and oily face (like me) 😉 than giving yourself all this stress?”
    The sad part of it all is that in most cases, the men don’t even see or care about it.You put so much effort,wanting to be noticed and hearing the compliments and yet someone seem not to notice you..Well if it’s an everyday routine then of course he stops appreciating it.

    Let’s be real, let our men know who we are, with or without hair extensions, wigs,mascara,foundation,lipstick/gloss etc.In img_6824.jpegthat way he will love and respect you even more because then you show him that you love yourself the way you are and that you have the confidence in yourself. Confidence is actually what men of today get attracted to. A confident woman is more sexy, believe me.

    I know we are living in a generation where appearance has become one main focus in our everyday life, but always remember the original you, thats your own uniqueness.

    Don’t abandon your originality by wanting to look like one of the famous celebrities or just any another woman. By being and loving yourself just the way you are and letting people know and see it, is much more attractive than wearing the tight dresses and loads of make-up every single day.

    I love my mornings where i wake up and just wear my morning gown and walk around in the house without having the stress of impressing my partner… no wig and no make-up, just plain me and feeling very comfortable.

    I’am not saying that we should never ever look good for your man but-NOTE that it should NOT be a must.
    Surprise him from time to time instead,it’s more interesting and exciting for the men.

    img_6827.jpegLove should be natural,stress free and no demands. If someone loves you, then they will let you be the way you want to be and accept you as you are. If a man demands you to lose weight or gain weight, wear sexy things all the time, high heels, big hair etc then you better consider yourself as an object to him.

    Feel free to add up in comments, i hope i don’t offend anyone. At the end of the day, we all make our own choices. Keep doing what you do as long it makes you feel good, Not doing it to make someone else feel good.

    Ps. Are the men doing anything extra every single day to impress their women?

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