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    Pause Breath embrace

    Lovelies! How are you out there? A couple of days ago i was supposed to travel to Sweden, my one and only son just finished the 9th grade and ofcourse i  had to be there. Unfortunately my flight got cancelled due to the covid-19. At first i got upset and sad. Knowing that this moment will never be repeated, it frustrated me especially that there were no other options until later on. 

    Two days after i realised that, there is nothing i can do about this situation, it’s something that has affected the entire world, and even worse for those who have lost their loved ones. I paused, took a long breath and embraced that i’am still alive, my son has wonderful people around him still who celebrated him and made sure he had a nice day. Instead of being upset, sad and frustrated, i was rejoicing for myself for my boy and myself. I could not continue to dwell onto something that i cannot do anything about. 

    Yesterday i took a long walk around my neighbourhood and guess what? I discovered this spectacular place. 

    Sweaty but feeling awesome

    It’s actually a closed place so i had to jump over the gate to get in there… lol don’t tell the police. Haha, i just saw those big waves and felt that they were calling for me. Believe me, the energy was powerful, i satt there for sometime, looking around and listening to the strong waves, embracing this beauty of the place i call home, i asked myself ” how could i be this lucky to be here, in Mallorca?” It reminded me of how quick we humans forget what we have and stop appreciating it. Despite all the negativity going on in the world, it’s still a beautiful place to be. So whenever you feel frustrated about something that you cannot change, pause, breathe and find something to embrace and appreciate it. 

    Embrace that which fulfills your soul.

    With Love -Fridalicious

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  • Facts of life,  Health, motivation, life goals

    We are not on earth to compete with anybody but our true purpose

    We all have a life to live. We all have unique and distinctive purposes to fulfill. Everybody has a purpose on earth, and everybody must live the true purpose why God gives life to us each day.

    We are not on earth to compete with anybody but our true purpose. We are not on earth to compare ourselves to anybody, but the you in you and the true purpose for which we came here.Life is good when we don’t compare ourselves in a manner that will make us feel bad. I believe that life is good when we know our true purpose in life and who we must live to be and to please.

    We surely fulfill our true selves distinctively when we understand ourselves are us and not anybody. See so many people are living others destiny just because they have neglected their own true purpose, which is of course a sad thing. So many people think badly just because they compare themselves wrongfully with others and things, which is a shame isn’t it?

    Everybody has a life and everybody must live a life. If there is any reason to compare ourselves to others and things, let it be the inspiration we get from comparing ourselves with others and things that makes us do something unique.

    There is a true reason for our existence on earth and we must reason from nothing, but the true reason why we live each day.

    Do what’s best for you! Do what gives you peace, a clear conscience, and makes you happy.



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    Live in the moment

    Happy new year to you all. It’s been a while since i made a bloggpost. I just took a short break, but i’am back now and hey, we gonna have loads of fun.

    The new year has begun very well, the energy feels so good and the vibes are very positive everywhere i go. The most important thing for me in this new year is to live in the moment/s.

    I promise myself that I will enjoy every minute of the day that is given me to live.

    I will not overthink things or analyse situations. If there’s one thing i have learned, -nobody is here forever. We have to live for the moment, each and every day, the here, the now.

    The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.”

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