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    When you feel like a savage you dress like a savage

    Oh what a dramatic Monday. I woke up feeling so energetic and in a very dramatic mood. Don’t get it twisted, wait a minute, I’am talking about fashion kind of drama.

    How i dress depends on the mood i’am, some days i can feel like a savage and so i dress like a savage. Lol

    Here is a small collection of those days i feel and dress like a savage. Or should i say “a little mafia in a lady”

    I can say i have a wide range of style. It all depends on how iam feeling on that particular day. I just find it all fun to be able to wear anything. It is nice to too to help other people to discover their style. I have discovered that i am having a lot of black and gold in my wardrobe lately, let’s talk about that in the upcoming post.


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