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    Love is in hair

    Let’s talk about hair baby. I know you have noticed that i change hair Styles and colors quite very often, and i’am sure it gets you to wonder how this magic happens. Number one, i always have amazing hair Gurus (hair dressers) no matter where i end up to live. A huge thanks to the universe for this. Number two, i have some kind of hair “mood swings”or fetish so to say. I either get tired or bored of the same look and also it just gives me some kind of high feeling with a new hairstyle.

    To be able to manage all these changes, it demands a very good, patient and experienced hairdresser. A good hair dresser is one important person in most women’s lives, right ladies? And it’s not only about finding someone who can do and handle hair, there should be some chemistry between the two to begin with, the hair dresser should also understand the personality of the client and style.

    Last but not least “some kind of friendship” between the two is important. In this way it is much more easier to collaborate.

    I love to have nice hair, even though i am not always keeping it on fleek, for me its more about having a different look. It gives me alot of fresh energy when i get a new hairstlyle, a feeling of fun and well being.