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    Re-exploring Palma

    Some few years ago i partly lived in Mallorca for 2 years, and surprisingly enough i really never got to see the city of Palma as a whole i could come in for a quick shopping or so. Ofcourse i do know and seen alot of other places on the island.

    I’am back again in Mallorca ( work reasons) and living right in the beautiful city of palma, and guess what? I got to visit the cathedral for the very first time, i’am a bit ashamed actually to even say this. I mean how could i have ever missed that?

    Whatsover everyday i’am discovering something new, and everyday i’am falling more and more in love with this multicultured city of Palma. It is a indeed a very beautiful city, full of life and inspiration everywhere.

    The cathedral is magestic, it has a very strong and powerful energy, something that really humbles you and reminds you of how great the old kings were.