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    The hardest part of changes

    Everyone experiences moving or changing places differently. In my case it’s all about routines. I don’t have a problem to adapt to the culture or to make friends. All i need is to get my routines in to place.

    Today marks exactly one month since i moved to Palma. And i can say the last three weeks have’nt been easy because i did not have my routines, except my schedule for work. I could eat dinner at midnigt, my laundry was just filling up the basket, have’nt cooked in four weeks, i mean i just didn’t know where to start.

    This week i finally got my routines back, i wake up early in the morning, go out for a walk, like for an hour, eat breakfast, fix my stuff, laundry, food shopping etc then go to work. In that way i can say i finally start to feel at home.

    I love my work even though it is very challenging, working with so many different systems at the same time demands alot of comcentration. Therefore i need my good sleep, food and a fresh brain. (Lol) So my six days of work are based on keeping healthy and physically rested and when i have my three days off, i can then relax, enjoy a nice glass of something and just do whatever i want.

    It feels like i have my full attention to my routines again and it makes me feel really good.