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    Feeling Fly In AFA Sports

    Get your pride on, wear AFA. The name AFA Sports means “Africa for Africa” and represents a concept that highlights Africa’s sports development and National pride.

    AFA Sports represents African sports and pride, it was established to showcase the pride & interest of the continent and this lays as the foundation of the brand. It was created to give the Nigerian & the African sports industry the attention and quality they deserve; by creating a range of products that have been adapted to the climate, kinetics and colors that are unique to African social context. afasports.com

    AFA sports was created as a sports merchandise brand for Africa to cater to grassroot sports that are neglected by the international brands who would rather not build from the ground up in an emerging market.

    “Our style inspirations are intrinsically African, we focused on the uniqueness and the dynamism of the continent to develop the right texture of fabric and colours on display”Ugo Udezue, CEO of AFA

    Get your Pride on, think Africa. https://afasports.com -Instagram @afasports #AFA4africa


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