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    In the air

    July 1st- finally back in the air, but gosh the airports don’t feel the same anymore. I took my first flight after such a long time and flew to Sweden, I could not believe my eyes, the airport was completely empty and on the plane we were only 20 people, and this is a type of plane that can accommodate 180 people. It felt so awkward.

    I’am so happy to finally come home and see my family again. I was so worried that my flight could get canceled for the third time.

    More updates coming up, stay tuned in.

    With Love – Fridalicious

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    I’am not a Tourist I’am a Traveller

    The world is book and those that are not travelling/ have not travelled/ do not want to travel,are Reading only one page.

    See-I Love books but i’am not so Keen at Reading, i tend to  read more through all My travels. No matter how good a Book may be,   it just takes too long for me to finish it:(…

     I’am so amazed with one of My friends who reads one new Book every week!!!! I can’t and Will never understand how she does it😅.

    Anyways, many people ask me If i’am a Tourist since i Love travelling and do travel alot, well- no i’am not a Tourist, i’am just a Traveller.  I have been travelling from the time i was a teenager, but -hey i have  travelled like craaazzzy the last  7 years! More Than 4-5 Times per each year! And i don’t seem to be getting tired of it any time soon;).

     I just get so much inspiration from it, by seeing how Other people live, the food they eat, the different Languages. To get to know, learn and adapt their cultures gives me so much more that it actually costs. 

    Back to “cold” Sweden now, and it feels good too.. One thing i know for sure is that i should leave My bags unpacked- because in a week from now, i Will be taking off again- to a place where i have never been before. I’am so excited about it…and  Ofcourse i Will keep you updated;) 

    // Fridalicious
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