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So damn happy

OMG ! i cant believe this just happened! After being hacked for such a long time,today my blogg is working again. Been fighting back and fourth with the Word press but now here i ’am… i’am so damn happy! Question is where do i begin?! Too much to share already! Ok first of all i hope you all doing well out there despite the covid situation. I know it’s hard times for all of us. I Can say the lockdown/quarantine was not so fun in the end. Here in Spain we had it from 15th march to 11th may. In the begining it felt like nothing but the last weeks were tough. However i did manage to keep the days going by doing different activities. See my youtube channel and let’s catch up from there.

Since the blogg had been out of function for this long, due to the hacking i decided to make a few youtube videos, i love doing it too but i missed to write so much. I hope this time there will be NO more hacking. Since this is just a come back post i will end here and come back later with more fun posts. I’am really just so happy to be back!

Have a delicious day!


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