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As we are all aware of ” Generation Technology” where we have almost come to think that Quality time with our kids, is Sitting in the same Room/car/place and have them play games on their ipads or iPhones, laptops, you name it. All this is happening for different reasons, maybe the parents need to Work more at Home, or they are simply tired and have no energy to do any Other activities with their kids,or maybe they are also busy staying connected with their friends on social media.

It is a quite sad generation! Our kids need us and our time for them. Today i took My son out for a long Walk, we walked for 2 hours up and down the hill of 110 meters high, thank God My son is so sporty so it was a cup of Tea for him ( i suffered Atleast 😉)-  Just kidding, i Love to keep fit especially long walks in nice weather and seeing the amazing views on the Island  just makes it even more fun.

We Both enjoyed it so much and believe me, we had an amazing talk! My son Expressed himself in a way that touched My heart, most of it is personal family matters. Very positive things and loving. He chose to say all this all because he felt that it was the right time, just me and him, free from everything that would destruct us. We were out there to just talk and listen to eachother. And ofcourse appreciating the beauty of life.

Let’s remember to make time for our kids, no matter the age. I know we might think that we always do- but no, i mean the quality time that they might need, when they Can get to feel that It’s their time, It’s about them, you are  listening to them and they are being heard. Those are the memories that  they Will share about you to their own kids and Grandchildren one Day.

//❤️ Fridalicious

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