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Leather it up

Leather is in chicas and in all possible colours. Wait a minute, it actually has been around always ,we just stopped seeing it in the shops for a period of time.

It’s all over now and we are going all in. You got to leather it up ladies. Don’t be shy.

I love leather, for me, it’s the kind of material that gives you a touch of elegance to whatever you wear it with.

This skirt, it is 100% genuine leather, very comfortable to wear and really warm inside. It is one of those skirts you can wear any time and to all occassions.

I have a few other pieces of leather which are immitations and there is absolutely nothing with that. They are as comfortable to wear as the authentics. The only major difference is that they are more cheaper than the original leather -which is not a surprise, and remember i have always said that Fashion is not about the price tag. You make your own Fashion despite the price of the clothes you are wearing.

This dress is an immitation of leather and i Simply love it. I’am not sure if i wore the right shoes to it though. Hmmm

How are you wearing your leather?

I love to wear mine with glitter, lace and wool. One of the main reasons to why i love leather so much is that, no matter what you wear it with, it will still dominate the whole entire outfit.

I’am surprised that i only have black leather clothes. How Can it be possible? Well, it’s about time i go get them colours and you know what will be perfect for this winter season? Petrol, Brown, Burgundy, and dark Green ladies. So now what are you waiting for chicas? Let’s go shopping!!!

💋- allthingsfridalicious


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