It’s already been a year

One year ago i decided to something else with my life, i felt i needed a change and challenge and so i found an intensive course at a Danish school for Tourism but i had to fly to Barcelona and study in Costa Brava, (pineda de mar) 5 intensive weeks with a 60 strangers, who later become one big family. It was not easy to be out of my comfort zone, five weeks of hardwork, studying, challenges, faced my fears, self rediscovery, walked on fire, rope climbing, sleepless nights, breakdowns, no bubbles ☺️etc. I could have just bought two Chanel bags instead and not go through alp this. Yes i paid my for my education and it was more than worth it because it  later gave me my job at TUI and on one of my favourite Islands Palma De Marlloca.

JULY 25-2019, was exactly 1 year ago since i returens to Mallorca to live and to work. I Celebrated with a few dear friends and ofcourse some champagne, Seriously where did the time go?

Well i Can only say that i am so proud of myself for taking this Journey and for all the experience it has given me. I know that i have always been a Strong person and now i know that i am even Stronger. I still have a few exciting challenges set ahead of me and i know that all shall be well. It’s up to me right?

💋- AllthingsFridalicious

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