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I T A L Y  – R O M E

Hello My Delicious! First time in Italy-Rome and i Can only say one thing/-I Love It! The culture itself reminds me more of My own culture back Home in Zambia. The warmth of the people, the crazy driving in the middle of the walking streets not really considering the congestion of the people, the talking/ screaming from one end to the Other when you see someone you know, (i just Love it) the positive in energy wherever you Go and most of all the Hapiness. I feel nothing else but dejavu.  I  just been feeling so at Home since arrival yesterday.

  The worst part of it all so far is the eating, lol gone all “EATERLY” in ITALY. Omg!! I Cannot stay away from all the good foods and wines, gosh! The country is not only rich in History but also in food and its fine wines. I just can’t help it.  This is just Day 2:/… 😳

Talk about fashion- Omg! ALBERTA FERRETTI CLUTCH, in black leather perfectly detailed with Gold metal and a mix of pearls. -A  fashionista’s -“must have”.

  The little i have seen so far has already driven me bananas. I seriously have no clue  on how i Will manage the rest of the days over here. ;)This is a city for style hunters and LABEL LOVERS without a doubt.

Beauty in pictures |hotel garden|

 As i Blog right now, this is where i’am Sitting- the outside area of the hotel we are Living in.

It’s quite a small hotel with only 22 rooms but very exclusive and  cosy. The location makes it even more meaningfull  because it is right in the center of everything. For example- the colosseum, Spanish Stairs,piazza Nova,Pantheon, etc etc.

// ❤️ Fridalicious

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