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Free the nipple

Question-Why is the nipple such a bother to many? It’s okay to breast feed in public but it’s an issue if a woman is not wearing a bra and the nipples happen to stick out. I know this could be sensitive to some people and if you happen to be one of them, then i’am sorry i will politely ask you not to read any further.

I’am not saying women should flash out boobs, please don’t get me wrong, i just don’t see any meaning in reacting to nipples that are actually covered, we might as well start covering our lips right? Or should men with “big” nipples be foreced to wear a bra too?

All women have different body types and everyone is beautiful. I love women’s bodies, it’s one of the finest pieces of art. We should have the right to move freely and embrace the fine art we are. So now repeat after me- to be sexy is not the size but a feeling.

If your body isn’t considered “perfect” today? Who cares! “Perfect” is an illusion that no one can attain. So, be happy with the body you have and celebrate all the things that make up your gorgeous, imperfect self.


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