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Fitness freak not

This is one topic i actually never bring up on my blog, but now i’am doing it because most people think that i am one of those fitness freaks, well i wish.

Don’t get me wrong, i am not saying it’s a bad thing, i adore and respect people who really dedicate themselves to proper daily/weekly training. Because it takes a strong mind and discipline to be able to achieve this.

I do enjoy to exercise and i’am aware of what to eat and what to avoid, the problem is i miss the discipline especially with working out. I love to eat what i want and when i want and i also enjoy to a have a glass of wine here and there so i wouldn’t manage to be a gymaholic so to say, though i do want to feel good healthwise and fit in my dresses *lol*. It’s a challenge but ok, so how do i do it anyway- i simply try to go for power walks and do a bit of intervall runs.

For me mornings are the best times to go out for a power walk, having to breath in the fresh air and to feel the cool breeze as well as hearing the birds sing is magical. When i start the day in this way, i am whole but with my different working shifts, i cannot always do my walks in the morning and so i have to do it in the evenings, which does’nt really correspond so well. Don’t ask me how *wink* i know i’ts one silly excuse thats just in my head.

Except for the walks, i also do a few excercises like jumping Jacks, sit ups, yoga and zumba or any other form of dancing that i feel for.

I also try to keep quite a healthy and balanced diet when it comes to food, but then sometimes i just don’t give a F**% and eat all kinds of junk food. *oops* right? I know… but then you know what happens after a few months/weeks of this bad habit? I simply cannot get into my favourite dresses, and this is my wake up call moment . It’s time for some bootcamp and healthy eating again, it is cheaper than to replace the dresses so it is a good motivation at the same time. *laughing* I know it sounds silly but it’s kind of my own mad cycle that i have to go through, and boom it works when i really put thought to it.

I must say, i’am very grateful to have the body i have considering my age and bad habits that come and go. I feel good and very confindent under my skin, despite the few kilos that go up and down, the stretch marks after giving birth as well as the cellulite that also appears once every summer after all the delicious ice creams. *yummy*

When i do all these exercises, it is a matter of feeling more healthy and wanting to live longer. It’s not for the looks or to impress the boys/ men/women.

We are all beautiful in many different ways therefore for me to be sexy is not a mattar of size except it is the feeling.

Sexy isn’t about boobs or butts. It’s about the way you walk, the way you talk, and the way you think. – Fridalicious


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