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Cooking the Zambian way made easy

Hi my people! Despite having all the delicious foods around the world, nothing can beat certain meals that you grew up eating, in my case it’s Ifisashi, a zambian native vegetable relish that is made from certain eatable leaves and mixed with powdered peanuts, it can be pumpkin leaves, cassava leaves, leaves from sweet potatoes etc. The process of preparing the powdered peanuts can take forever, first you have to dry the groundnuts in the sun then dry fry them before you can pound them in a ibende (a large wooden mortar) turning them into powder.

After the pounding, you have to sieve the peanuts, this whole process can take a full day but not in my case, because I realised I can just use peanut butter. Check out my YouTube video and see how i prepare my spinach ifisashi.


Ubwali bwa Nama ne fisashi is what we have here.
A typical Zambian dish, rich in protein and taste.


1 half packet young spinach leaves
1 small onion -diced
1 large tomato -diced
1 -1/2 tbs peanut butter
Salt or chicken stock
Oil of your choice

For the rest see YouTube.

I hope you enjoy it! If you have any questions, just drop me a comment.

With love- Fridalicious

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