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    Quality time

    I arrived in Sweden, and it was a smooth flight, but first let’s go back to my time of transit in Frankfurt. Nothing much happened there, i ate a sallad and ofcourse took a glass of wine to it. “Yawn” I did not feel that vibe at this AirPort, i Seriously do love and enjoy being at AirPorts but Frankfurt for me was quite boring, which on the other hand was actually a very good idea because i had time to study my Spanish instead. Yippi.. Brunch timez up Yesterday was super brunch day. I love to cook for my family and friends, and i do it with so much…

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    I T A L Y  – R O M E

    Hello My Delicious! First time in Italy-Rome and i Can only say one thing/-I Love It! The culture itself reminds me more of My own culture back Home in Zambia. The warmth of the people, the crazy driving in the middle of the walking streets not really considering the congestion of the people, the talking/ screaming from one end to the Other when you see someone you know, (i just Love it) the positive in energy wherever you Go and most of all the Hapiness. I feel nothing else but dejavu.  I  just been feeling so at Home since arrival yesterday.   The worst part of it all so far is the…

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    F O O D P O R N

    Excuse My Spanish;) but-Mmmm… Ever Eaten  a meal that has given you a feeling of  oh this is” better Than sex?” Well, It happens to me from time to time, and this time it’s at (Mia Via) port de Andratx. The  delicious American Rib Eye Entrecote just made it happen.       The meat filled My watery mouth with pleasure, the Flavoured juices, the thickness and tenderness, not forgetting It’s medium Done texture….on top of that, served on an exotic firm bed of Veggies! Oooooh all this got me all yummying and mmmming to Max.  I ate and ate until i could not eat no more… Don’t get it twisted;)…   …

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    A breakfast with a view

    A once in a lifetime breakfast with a view. Hospes Maricel hotel located in Cas Catala, west of Palma-Majorca. If you ever want to endulge yourself a morning treat, this is one of a kind. Just make sure you are hungry when you get there so you don’t miss any of this 7 steps exclusive breakfast. The views fantastic, the service is excellent. what else… This is a kind of breakfast that Will make you feel so special. I’am normally not a ” breakfast” person but hey- For the Maricel one, It’s for sure;) ❤️// ATF

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    Always a Fishterian At La Mia Via

    Hey my Delicious people! Ooops!!! Have had quite a busy evening with Work and so on, such that i even didn’t remember to eat. #Bad Habit#  But anyway-Took a ride down the Island and thank God La Mia Via  former Can pasta  is still open despite the Low season.. It’s a nice small cosy local Italian restaurant right on the Island of port Andratx, not far from our Home that Serves some really Delicious meals.. If you are ever on Marlloca  and in Port  de Andratx,  you better Visit this lovely place and especially IF you are a fish Lover ,then this is  a must to Go Place. I never…

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    The Forgotten Dress

    Hello My Delicious people! I just have to share My joyful Day with you. I know i’am craaazzzy about clothes- But i’am not that craaazzzy in sorting them out, and with the fact of having two homes, makes it even worse… It’s something i Can do once in a Blue moon*not so proud to say it, but It’s the truth* Anyway today happened to be that “once in a Blue moon Day, i was busy cleaning the closet and just when i was getting tired of it- Boom i found this Wonderful black rap Dress… I had totally Forgotten about it! I bought this Dress last summer in one of…

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    Late Lunch Early Dinner

    My lunch for today and ofcourse at one of my favourite places in Mallorca- The famous cappuccino Bar/ Café…The place serves some really Delicious meals and  cocktails. It’s one of the most visited cafés even in Low seasons… Not so strange  with the thought of its hospitality and the freshness of their Food it is a matter of fact that people always want to Go back. Cappuccino was Founded by Juan Picornell, A Spanish Man in Palma Nova, a small town in Marlloca, from just one small single café, he expanded to having eight of them just in marlloca and today cappuccino is running even in  IBIZA, MADRID,  MARBELLA, VALENCIA,…