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    Cooking the Zambian way made easy

    Hi my people! Despite having all the delicious foods around the world, nothing can beat certain meals that you grew up eating, in my case it’s Ifisashi, a zambian native vegetable relish that is made from certain eatable leaves and mixed with powdered peanuts, it can be pumpkin leaves, cassava leaves, leaves from sweet potatoes etc. The process of preparing the powdered peanuts can take forever, first you have to dry the groundnuts in the sun then dry fry them before you can pound them in a ibende (a large wooden mortar) turning them into powder.

    After the pounding, you have to sieve the peanuts, this whole process can take a full day but not in my case, because I realised I can just use peanut butter. Check out my YouTube video and see how i prepare my spinach ifisashi.


    Ubwali bwa Nama ne fisashi is what we have here.
    A typical Zambian dish, rich in protein and taste.


    1 half packet young spinach leaves
    1 small onion -diced
    1 large tomato -diced
    1 -1/2 tbs peanut butter
    Salt or chicken stock
    Oil of your choice

    For the rest see YouTube.

    I hope you enjoy it! If you have any questions, just drop me a comment.

    With love- Fridalicious

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    In the air

    July 1st- finally back in the air, but gosh the airports don’t feel the same anymore. I took my first flight after such a long time and flew to Sweden, I could not believe my eyes, the airport was completely empty and on the plane we were only 20 people, and this is a type of plane that can accommodate 180 people. It felt so awkward.

    I’am so happy to finally come home and see my family again. I was so worried that my flight could get canceled for the third time.

    More updates coming up, stay tuned in.

    With Love – Fridalicious

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    Pause Breath embrace

    Lovelies! How are you out there? A couple of days ago i was supposed to travel to Sweden, my one and only son just finished the 9th grade and ofcourse i  had to be there. Unfortunately my flight got cancelled due to the covid-19. At first i got upset and sad. Knowing that this moment will never be repeated, it frustrated me especially that there were no other options until later on. 

    Two days after i realised that, there is nothing i can do about this situation, it’s something that has affected the entire world, and even worse for those who have lost their loved ones. I paused, took a long breath and embraced that i’am still alive, my son has wonderful people around him still who celebrated him and made sure he had a nice day. Instead of being upset, sad and frustrated, i was rejoicing for myself for my boy and myself. I could not continue to dwell onto something that i cannot do anything about. 

    Yesterday i took a long walk around my neighbourhood and guess what? I discovered this spectacular place. 

    Sweaty but feeling awesome

    It’s actually a closed place so i had to jump over the gate to get in there… lol don’t tell the police. Haha, i just saw those big waves and felt that they were calling for me. Believe me, the energy was powerful, i satt there for sometime, looking around and listening to the strong waves, embracing this beauty of the place i call home, i asked myself ” how could i be this lucky to be here, in Mallorca?” It reminded me of how quick we humans forget what we have and stop appreciating it. Despite all the negativity going on in the world, it’s still a beautiful place to be. So whenever you feel frustrated about something that you cannot change, pause, breathe and find something to embrace and appreciate it. 

    Embrace that which fulfills your soul.

    With Love -Fridalicious

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    So damn happy

    OMG ! i cant believe this just happened! After being hacked for such a long time,today my blogg is working again. Been fighting back and fourth with the Word press but now here i ’am… i’am so damn happy! Question is where do i begin?! Too much to share already! Ok first of all i hope you all doing well out there despite the covid situation. I know it’s hard times for all of us. I Can say the lockdown/quarantine was not so fun in the end. Here in Spain we had it from 15th march to 11th may. In the begining it felt like nothing but the last weeks were tough. However i did manage to keep the days going by doing different activities. See my youtube channel and let’s catch up from there.

    Since the blogg had been out of function for this long, due to the hacking i decided to make a few youtube videos, i love doing it too but i missed to write so much. I hope this time there will be NO more hacking. Since this is just a come back post i will end here and come back later with more fun posts. I’am really just so happy to be back!

    Have a delicious day!


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    Leather it up

    Leather is in chicas and in all possible colours. Wait a minute, it actually has been around always ,we just stopped seeing it in the shops for a period of time.

    It’s all over now and we are going all in. You got to leather it up ladies. Don’t be shy.

    I love leather, for me, it’s the kind of material that gives you a touch of elegance to whatever you wear it with.

    This skirt, it is 100% genuine leather, very comfortable to wear and really warm inside. It is one of those skirts you can wear any time and to all occassions.

    I have a few other pieces of leather which are immitations and there is absolutely nothing with that. They are as comfortable to wear as the authentics. The only major difference is that they are more cheaper than the original leather -which is not a surprise, and remember i have always said that Fashion is not about the price tag. You make your own Fashion despite the price of the clothes you are wearing.

    This dress is an immitation of leather and i Simply love it. I’am not sure if i wore the right shoes to it though. Hmmm

    How are you wearing your leather?

    I love to wear mine with glitter, lace and wool. One of the main reasons to why i love leather so much is that, no matter what you wear it with, it will still dominate the whole entire outfit.

    I’am surprised that i only have black leather clothes. How Can it be possible? Well, it’s about time i go get them colours and you know what will be perfect for this winter season? Petrol, Brown, Burgundy, and dark Green ladies. So now what are you waiting for chicas? Let’s go shopping!!!

    💋- allthingsfridalicious0

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    Quality time

    I arrived in Sweden, and it was a smooth flight, but first let’s go back to my time of transit in Frankfurt. Nothing much happened there, i ate a sallad and ofcourse took a glass of wine to it. “Yawn

    I did not feel that vibe at this AirPort, i Seriously do love and enjoy being at AirPorts but Frankfurt for me was quite boring, which on the other hand was actually a very good idea because i had time to study my Spanish instead. Yippi..

    Brunch timez up

    Yesterday was super brunch day. I love to cook for my family and friends, and i do it with so much passion because i want people to enjoy what i serve them as well as to see that they are having a good time.

    I love preparing and being creative, it gives me so much positive energy, i could go on and on.

    There are two rooms where i can never be tired. One is in the kitchen and the other is a secret. * wink*

    I have helped/hosted a few friends functions like baby showers, birthdays, cocktail parties and all have turned out to be successful.

    I will be launching my first ever winter mega brunch this year. I will tell you more about it in one of the upcoming posts.


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    Coming to Sweden

    Hola Sweden

    Such an excitement to travel to Sweden today. The last time I was there was in mid March this year, which was Easter holiday. I really enjoyed my time with my son, family and friends.

    So let me take you through how my day begun. I woke up early to pack and make sure I leave my home in order, but first I had to feel and breath in the morning fresh air. I made a cup of tea and went out on my lovely balcony and sat there a good 15-20 minutes. It was amazing.

    After this morning meditation and tea enjoyment, I took a nice shower. Today I did not want to have any stress at all, my close friends and family know how I can sometimes be clumsy and I usually tend to do things in the last minute, but today is a different kind of day, I stood in front of the mirror and told myself “lady you better keep your shit together

    Today” there should not be anything like “I missed my flight” or stressing in the traffic because you called the taxi late.


    And guess what? It worked out. I have been on time, dropped in my luggage, went through security peacefully and even had time to enjoy a good breakfast.

    I ‘am flying with Lufthansa today and hey! I can say I’ am so pleased with their service and for being accurate. To my surprise, the passengers gets free beverages and snacks. It never happens to me when I am flying with other airlines within Europe

    The only negative thing about my trip today is the waiting hours I have in Frankfurt, 2hrs 30 mins. On the other hand, I always entertain myself so i’am sure i will come up with something.

    So this is what I had for you from my today’s diary. I look forward to what i find myself doing during my transit time in frankfurt! find out in the upcoming post.

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    Fitness freak not

    This is one topic i actually never bring up on my blog, but now i’am doing it because most people think that i am one of those fitness freaks, well i wish.

    Don’t get me wrong, i am not saying it’s a bad thing, i adore and respect people who really dedicate themselves to proper daily/weekly training. Because it takes a strong mind and discipline to be able to achieve this.

    I do enjoy to exercise and i’am aware of what to eat and what to avoid, the problem is i miss the discipline especially with working out. I love to eat what i want and when i want and i also enjoy to a have a glass of wine here and there so i wouldn’t manage to be a gymaholic so to say, though i do want to feel good healthwise and fit in my dresses *lol*. It’s a challenge but ok, so how do i do it anyway- i simply try to go for power walks and do a bit of intervall runs.

    For me mornings are the best times to go out for a power walk, having to breath in the fresh air and to feel the cool breeze as well as hearing the birds sing is magical. When i start the day in this way, i am whole but with my different working shifts, i cannot always do my walks in the morning and so i have to do it in the evenings, which does’nt really correspond so well. Don’t ask me how *wink* i know i’ts one silly excuse thats just in my head.

    Except for the walks, i also do a few excercises like jumping Jacks, sit ups, yoga and zumba or any other form of dancing that i feel for.

    I also try to keep quite a healthy and balanced diet when it comes to food, but then sometimes i just don’t give a F**% and eat all kinds of junk food. *oops* right? I know… but then you know what happens after a few months/weeks of this bad habit? I simply cannot get into my favourite dresses, and this is my wake up call moment . It’s time for some bootcamp and healthy eating again, it is cheaper than to replace the dresses so it is a good motivation at the same time. *laughing* I know it sounds silly but it’s kind of my own mad cycle that i have to go through, and boom it works when i really put thought to it.

    I must say, i’am very grateful to have the body i have considering my age and bad habits that come and go. I feel good and very confindent under my skin, despite the few kilos that go up and down, the stretch marks after giving birth as well as the cellulite that also appears once every summer after all the delicious ice creams. *yummy*

    When i do all these exercises, it is a matter of feeling more healthy and wanting to live longer. It’s not for the looks or to impress the boys/ men/women.

    We are all beautiful in many different ways therefore for me to be sexy is not a mattar of size except it is the feeling.

    Sexy isn’t about boobs or butts. It’s about the way you walk, the way you talk, and the way you think. – Fridalicious


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    Love is in hair

    Let’s talk about hair baby. I know you have noticed that i change hair Styles and colors quite very often, and i’am sure it gets you to wonder how this magic happens. Number one, i always have amazing hair Gurus (hair dressers) no matter where i end up to live. A huge thanks to the universe for this. Number two, i have some kind of hair “mood swings”or fetish so to say. I either get tired or bored of the same look and also it just gives me some kind of high feeling with a new hairstyle.

    To be able to manage all these changes, it demands a very good, patient and experienced hairdresser. A good hair dresser is one important person in most women’s lives, right ladies? And it’s not only about finding someone who can do and handle hair, there should be some chemistry between the two to begin with, the hair dresser should also understand the personality of the client and style.

    Last but not least “some kind of friendship” between the two is important. In this way it is much more easier to collaborate.

    I love to have nice hair, even though i am not always keeping it on fleek, for me its more about having a different look. It gives me alot of fresh energy when i get a new hairstlyle, a feeling of fun and well being.


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    We are not on earth to compete with anybody but our true purpose

    We all have a life to live. We all have unique and distinctive purposes to fulfill. Everybody has a purpose on earth, and everybody must live the true purpose why God gives life to us each day.

    We are not on earth to compete with anybody but our true purpose. We are not on earth to compare ourselves to anybody, but the you in you and the true purpose for which we came here.Life is good when we don’t compare ourselves in a manner that will make us feel bad. I believe that life is good when we know our true purpose in life and who we must live to be and to please.

    We surely fulfill our true selves distinctively when we understand ourselves are us and not anybody. See so many people are living others destiny just because they have neglected their own true purpose, which is of course a sad thing. So many people think badly just because they compare themselves wrongfully with others and things, which is a shame isn’t it?

    Everybody has a life and everybody must live a life. If there is any reason to compare ourselves to others and things, let it be the inspiration we get from comparing ourselves with others and things that makes us do something unique.

    There is a true reason for our existence on earth and we must reason from nothing, but the true reason why we live each day.

    Do what’s best for you! Do what gives you peace, a clear conscience, and makes you happy.