Are you valueing your Self Enough?

Take a good look around yourself and see how your relationships look like, and i mean all relationships as with (family, Work, kids, friends, and ofcourse with your lover). When you have Done that, know that every relationship you have is a REFLECTION of your inner feelings and your mental state. See yourself as a magnet attracting all things via the signals you send out though thoughts and feelings. What signals do you think you are sending out?

People never change or  lose friends , partners just like that, am sure you often hear someone say ” he or she has changed” they simply start Valueing themselves. They reach a breaking point where they Cannot tolerate the intolerable anymore.

Once you know  your self value and know that you are more worth than you think, no matter what situation you are in, you Will stand up and say it Loud” I can’t do this anymore, I deserve better Than this”!!.


Always put your Happiness as your first priority. Your Happiness should NOT depend on another person. By expecting someone else to make you Happy is aslo surrendering yourself to them by controlling, manipulating and disrespecting you. Be the driver of your own life. Love and respect yourself  enough by eliminating all negativity around you.


You have a voice, speak your mind! let the people around you know what you are not Happy with, it doesn’t matter if its your kids, siblings, parents, friends, work, etc.  If you ever feel unfairly treated by your Boss or Work mates, tell them too! If you get fired because of that, then be proud of yourself, because then – you deserve to be in a better place, where you Will be more appreciated and respected.  You are not a bloody door mat where everyone Can step on  with their dirty shoes.  Going through an abusive relationship/marriage?  Tell that Bastard/Bitch that you deserve better Than that and LEAVE him/ her. –why shrink yourself when you Can shine BRIGHT like a DIAMOND?



The only person who should have power over you is the one you see when you stand in front of a mirror. You are your own brand, find your balance and  Invest in yourself. You Can be a peace maker but not a people pleaser! Because some people Can never get enough no matter what. They Will manipulate and toment you until you break down. Be clever enough to know that you can’t control them – but YOU CAN CONTROL YOUR REACTION TO IT.   Keep on valueing yourself, spend no time to answer to your critics. What you focus on EXPANDS so Focus on what you want, and not what you want to get out from.

I could keep on writing but i have to take a wine break now;) and leave the rest for you to add up.. Feel free to share your opinions. I’am open minded so dont be afraid to speak your mind, i Will be more Happy Than offended.

❤️// Fridalicious

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