A spontanous sunday

Sundays are usually days where everyone just wants to relax and do nothing or spend quality time with only family members.

Yesterday was a very special and spontanous sunday. A girlfriend of mine called to ask if we could have coffee in the sun, and ofcourse i Said yes since i had nothing else planed for the day.

While i was waiting for her at the place of meeting, another friend texted me asking what i was doing, and i sent him a picture of my latte that i had just ordered and wrote that i was waiting for one friend at a cafe in Santa Catalina (santina). A very interesting place, which is actually an old museum that has this great roof top (terrace) bar and restaurant. An amazing place to have drinks and food, where you also get to experience this spectacular sunset.

It turned out to be such an amazing multicultured spontanous Sunday where we shared great ideas and had some interesting conversations together. Cheers to life.

🥂 #allthingsfridalicious

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